Affiliated with the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals and the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation, Collaborative Practice Toronto exists to facilitate the exchange of information and resources between collaborative professionals, provide training to new collaborative professionals, and to assist in public awareness.

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Collaborative Practice is an out-of-court resolution process for separating and divorcing couples. With an emphasis on full disclosure, respect, and open communication, this approach is client-directed and family-focused.
Collaboratively Trained Lawyers
who provide legal guidance and advice throughout the process to ensure that you feel informed and confident as you make decisions and reach agreements.
Financial Professionals
who provide unbiased information and assistance, and help you reach a fiscally responsible settlement. These professionals can be financial planners, accountants, chartered business valuators, and/or pension experts.
Family Professionals
who support you and provide important parenting advice to ensure that your children’s needs are met throughout the process, and moving forward. They are parenting mediators, therapists, and coaches.

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