Welcome to the Conflict Resolution Place for Dispute Management

The Conflict Resolution Place for Dispute Management is one of the most cutting edge, technology advanced Mediation/Arbitration firms in the area of dispute resolution.   Most, if not all legal disputes today have technology that plays a role in the dispute.


With the coming advent of autonomous vehicles, and the increased reliance on automotive blackboxes, it is important to have a strong understanding as it relates to technology for dispute resolution professionals.

Civil Litigation (Technology and Traditional):

Technology weaves it way through all disputes big and small in the civil litigation area.  Understanding the value and the role that technology plays is essential is settling these disputes.


Understanding the value of digital assets becomes a cornerstone to bringing swift clos to bankruptcy related disputes.  Technology has a finite shelf life and by using ADR Professionals, it helps to bring quick resolution to disputes. 

Trade Disputes:

Trade and commerce are shifting to an online environment as more and more business are using the Internet to transact business.  Many of these disputes are complicated not only in the how they evolved, but also in how to bring settlement to the file.

This place will provide the following:

  • Mediation and Arbitration services
  • Training for Arbitrators, Mediators, Lawyers, Judges in understanding technology’s role in the legal profession
  • Specialized Training for corporate technology experts/in-house counsel
  • Online Dispute and Risk Management Resources
  • Hottest topics in technology trends that can affect your business decisions.

In short, this place will be the one-stop portal in which to educate, implement strategies and if required a place in which to settle tech related disputes.


Membership in Conflict Resolution Place – four categories

  • Individual
  • Associate
  • Corporate
  • Professional service providers

The online portal will create an opportunity for stakeholders to learn the latest techniques and trends as it relates to disputes; how to avoid them and if they occur, how to facilitate settlement.  This place will be international in scope since business and technology today is not limited by geographical boundaries.  There will be content that is available without charge in addition to membership only access for premium clients.