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    Salesforceobserver.com provides training, messaging, calendars, news, updates, all on one easy-to-use platform. We are able to integrate with your CRM module.

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    Call it your classroom online; your sales team will use Salesforceobserver.com to find product guides, sales guides, video lessons, etc. Our easy –to-create certification programs make monitoring their progress through this information easy.

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    For salespeople today, they work at different hours and need instant access to key information. Our platform provides for this. You can equip them with every tool, weapon and resource they may need with 24/7 access anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

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    With Salesforceobserver.com you have the ability to automatically recognize achievement, reward performance and get the team excited about hitting their target goals. Our innovative "Recognize, Reward and Rank" system will have your team competing to be the first to complete training, become fully certified, close the next deal, break the next record, etc.

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    Track sales activities, leads, pending sales, etc. or whatever other metric you would like. Our analytics provide complete visibility. Want to know how many people have read the safety manual? Done. Want to know who's logged on today? Easy. Want to see a report of all the documents read by a rep? Our system gives management this info.


Sales Team Training and Verification

Company information—Statistics show that salespeople typically know much less about their own company than the owners think. Salesforce Observer can help you make sure your team understands what makes your company and your offering great by posting it in this section of your resource hub.... Read More


Evaluate your Sales Team

Analytics—See what your team is up to each and every day. View activity reports, login times and total visits. See sales forecasts. View document and video downloads to see what tools are being used and who is using them. Gain valuable insight into what your team is doing throughout the day. Custom reporting ... Read More


Monitor your Sales Team Productivity

Activity Tracking—From prospecting to contacting leads to follow-up calls to sales visits, Salesforce Observer gives you visibility into the activity of your sales force like never before. This allows you to spot and address bottlenecks in the sales process far more effectively than ever before. Clients are often... Read More

About Us

Many organizations are building and launching sites which are considered to be ‘online training’ for their sales force, but none of them combine training, monitoring and reporting all on one platform and be focused on the SMB space. The opportunity exists in providing these organizations with a pre-deployed infrastructure consisting of online training, monitoring and ongoing reporting.  Since the infrastructure is pre-deployed, it can quickly scale to meet any influx that a company’s sales force requires.  In addition, the pre-deployed infrastructure makes this service affordable and brings an otherwise unattainable yet needed service to reality. 

Organizations are relying on the internet as a way to contain costs in their organization.  As a result, progressive organizations are turning to third party experts that specialize in design, deploying, and operating mission-critical web applications like Salesforceobserver.com in order to achieve this goal. Read More