About Us

Many organizations are building and launching sites which are considered to be ‘online training’ for their sales force, but none of them combine training, monitoring and reporting all on one platform and be focused on the SMB space. The opportunity exists in providing these organizations with a pre-deployed infrastructure consisting of online training, monitoring and ongoing reporting.  Since the infrastructure is pre-deployed, it can quickly scale to meet any influx that a company’s sales force requires.  In addition, the pre-deployed infrastructure makes this service affordable and brings an otherwise unattainable yet needed service to reality. 

Organizations are relying on the internet as a way to contain costs in their organization.  As a result, progressive organizations are turning to third party experts that specialize in design, deploying, and operating mission-critical web applications like Salesforceobserver.com in order to achieve this goal.

The Delivery - how effective is our sales force accountability portal?

With Salesforceobserver.com we brought together world-class programmers, management trainers, sales experts and marketers to create an innovative solution to some of today’s biggest sales needs.

What that means for a company:

  • One central portal for all of your company's sales, marketing and training resources/material.
  • Verification/certification of an employee's training completion.
  • World-class content delivery to improve your sales and increase productivity
  • For management, they have easy access to reporting on the activity of everyone on the system. Activity reporting, sales reporting, document usage, certification, etc.
  • Eliminate excuses from your sales team as to why targets have not been achieved.