Competitive Advantage

SMB organizations that are building out their sales force are realizing that maintaining the necessary skills sets in house to support a sales force that works remotely is a time consuming and costly proposition.  The increased cost, prolonged time to market and lack of in-house expertise are all key business drivers supporting the need for outsourced web providers when it comes to developing a Sales force Accountability Platform.   Most important though, is that there are few if any software solutions that are targeted at solving this problem for SMB companies.   As a result, progressive SMB organizations are turning to third party experts that specialize in designing, deploying, and operating of web applications such as is able to provide complete 24x7 monitoring, management and training of a company’s remote sales force. 

Our technology is Better, Faster and more Cost Effective to deploy than anything available in the SMB marketplace today.

A handful of programs currently on the market have some of our features and others have different features.  What our platform provides is a consolidation of the best of all features that will work hand in hand with your CRM.