Sales Team Training and Verification

Company information—Statistics show that salespeople typically know much less about their own company than the owners think. Salesforce Observer can help you make sure your team understands what makes your company and your offering great by posting it in this section of your resource hub.

Product guides—We love sales people, but let's face it, they aren't always the most organized people in the world. Ensure that critical information about your products and services are always at their fingertips.

Sales guides—Even the best salespeople need good tools to sharpen their skills and improve their performance. Less experienced sales people will struggle terribly without it. Salesforce Observer provides an online forum for training like no other. Whether you use your existing training guides or have our world-renown sales instructors develop them with you, you can rest assured that your people have the sales training they need to succeed at the highest level.

Instruction manuals—Make sure your people can always find what their clients may need. Keeping instruction manuals available for immediate download means your reps can always give their clients the answers they need without calling into headquarters and without wasting valuable time.

Process walk-throughs—Too many companies make the mistake of training their people once on important procedures and processes. Make sure your team never has to guess at 'how' critical elements of their job should be done. Post the walk-though online for an instant refresher the moment it is needed..

Industry information—Ensure that each member of your team is learning key elements of their industry as well as their company by posting applicable industry data, updates, news and statistics in the resource center. The more they know about their industry, the better resource they become for each of their clients.

FAQs—NEVER LET A GOOD CONVERSATION GO TO WASTE. Record each question and the corresponding answer in the resource center so you team knows how to answer any question that might come their way.

Evaluate your Sales Team

What is measured improves by 20% or more…

Analytics—See what your team is up to each and every day. View activity reports, login times and total visits. See sales forecasts. View document and video downloads to see what tools are being used and who is using them. Gain valuable insight into what your team is doing throughout the day.

Custom reporting—If it's happening somewhere on your sales team, chances are we can put together a report for you to measure it. Our system allows you to generate needed reports around the clock so you can get the information you need the moment you need it.

Certification programs—One of the greatest advantages of the Salesforce Observer system is the certification program. All the materials your team will have access to can be divided into certification programs and assigned to the right people on the team. This is extraordinarily helpful in monitoring and measuring the progress of new hires, implementing new systems and bringing new products into the mix. Once a certification program is set up and a team member is assigned, our system monitors their progress from start to finish. Want to know how your newest recruit is making out on the materials assigned to him? Simple. You can see at a glance how far through the program he has progressed, see which documents have been worked on, what is missing and what percentage of the program has been completed. Our automated testing can even give you insight into how well the information was retained. And since this is all done automatically the burden of managing such a system is almost non-existent.

Monitor your Sales Team Productivity

Activity Tracking—From prospecting to contacting leads to follow-up calls to sales visits, Salesforce Observer gives you visibility into the activity of your sales force like never before. This allows you to spot and address bottlenecks in the sales process far more effectively than ever before. Clients are often stunned when looking at the raw data for the first time. They find that where they thought their salespeople were struggling and what the numbers actually show turn out to be two different things.

Sales reporting—This is not a CRM. Let's be clear about that. But where CRMs fall short, Salesforce Observer shines. Accurate and useful reporting has been the bane of many a sales manager. To say that getting salespeople to turn in their reports is challenging is a huge understatement. Our sales reporting feature delivers a quick, easy and effective solution to eliminate that headache once and for all.