Services offers clients a single point of aggregating their sales force data.  Our platform is compatible with various CRM’s in the marketplace.  This flexibility allows a company to have a one place to train, monitor and report on their “remote” sales force. 

Access Anywhere, Anytime: 

Since the entire web platform is a SaaS offering, is able to manage all aspects of the online resource hub.  Rather than worry about how to collect data on their sales teams performance, companies are able to look at the data collected from our platform for their analysis.


  • Salespeople need constant training and resources to perform at their best. We put ALL the resources they may need right at their fingertips! This includes training guides, videos, marketing material, proof elements, etc.
  • Salespeople working remotely feel disconnected. Salesforce Observer connects them like never before. Give your salespeople instant access to trainings, conferences, forums, updates, videos etc. so they never miss a thing and are never out of the loop. Give your most remote sales rep access to all the same materials a rep at "Home Base" has--at the exact same time.
  • The farther a salesperson is from "home base" the less he produces. Roadblocks are bigger the more remote a salesperson is from home base. They often feel like no one is watching. No one notices their successes or their failures. We help give them the resources and support to stay motivated and produce. We provide the forum for them to feel like they are a part of the team and that people notice what they do! (Good or bad)
  • Companies often have no way of knowing how engaged their people really are. We provide the means for assessing the level of activity and engagement of each sales rep regardless of location. Want to know if they have completed a training module? Easy. Want to see how often they have logged on to the system? Done. Want to see how many prospects they contacted today? It's all just a click away.
  • Most companies struggle to keep the message tight. It is especially challenging if you are a growing company. In today's economy companies need to be able to adapt quickly to the changing marketplace. Salesforce Observer makes it easy to change and distribute new policies and procedures, new marketing materials, documents, videos and presentations. You'll never again have to worry about who might be using outdated or inaccurate materials.
  • Salespeople need to be unshackled! eliminates excuses and empowers your people to take control of their future and reach their full potential.